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jeff murrah, lpcMy name is Jeff Murrah, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and I'm the guy behind @JDMurrah, www.RestoreTheFamily.com and www.SurviveYourPartnersAffair.com

I have 25+ years of helping couples and families around the world make their relationships better. I've been featured in The Chicago Tribune, Livestrong, Wall Street Journal Radio, Pepperdine University and The Larry Elder Show. I've written two award-winning books. And in my years of working with couples, I have gained valuable experience and insights that can help you create a magical relationship out of the messy one you might have right now.

If you or someone you know is struggling with the excrutiating pain of an affair, check out my ebook, Infidelity: A Survivor's Guide

If you are concerned about the effects your partner's affair might have on your children, here are 21 Ways to Help Your Child Deal With the Trauma of an Affair

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Jeff Murrah

Jeff Murrah, LPC