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Much like there are serial killers, there are serial cheaters. Your cheater may be one of those who go from relationship to relationship, never fully committing to any one of them.

Serial cheaters are often charming. They know what to say in order to get out of any kind of bind.

One of the problems is although they say the right ‘kind of things to you, and may be sincere when they do it, you can’t believe them. You can’t count on them meaning what they say when the crisis is over. They say what they need to in order to get into your pants or out of the crisis.

Living with serial cheaters consists of going from one crisis to another. The cycle of infidelity goes round and round like a merry-go-round. They’re great at starting relationships, yet don’t have the skills to maintain them.

In order to stop this cycle, you’ll need to wake up and take steps to change things. Yes, change is scary.

Many spouses don’t change due to their fears related to insecurity and the unknown.  You may even fear for your own safety. Serial cheaters are out of self-control in the sexual arena, so what makes you think they’ll have self-control with their temper?

When they are out of control in one area of self-restraint, they are out of control in other areas as well.

You prefer dealing with the known problem of the cheating to the unknown problem of how to deal with commitment and developing intimacy.

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