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With affairs, everyone loses.

Although mass media does their best to have you believe that infidelity is cool. Their pages are filled with the beautiful people who are brimming with lust and overflowing with money, the reality stands in stark contrast to that image.

It’s as if they are sending the message “Infidelity is the key to success” or “successful people have affairs.”

The reality is that cheaters are often losers. They’ve not been able to hold onto their wives, husbands or close relationships.

They know how to start conversations, and get them going, but they don’t know how to keep relationships. They don’t know how to ‘close the deal’ when it comes to committing to relationships.

When a cheater does their thing with someone else’s spouse, both are losers. They loose out on what they had.

They loose out on security, commitment, stability and love. By chasing the newer, flashier, shiny objects, they end up loosing the most solid relationships in their lives.

Although the loser hooks up with losers, in their twisted thinking, they assume that they are winning. The whole episode is sad. What they think they have in the affair relationship is not real, and they often left the real relationships behind.

They miss out on having someone who loves them when they are angry. They miss out on having someone who sticks when them when everyone else abandons them. They miss out on the confidence that being with you is the right thing to do and the clear conscience that comes with that.

Having a clear conscience is a powerful tool, as is honesty, yet the cheater misses out on each of these. They’ll never know the joy of having a spotless reputation.

Instead, they are followed by a dark cloud of shame that clings to them like a bad odor. They may strive for a good reputation in parts of their life such as business or a neighborhood leader. Even these are cover-ups designed for hiding the secretive shame of what they’ve done.

The cheater often becomes a magnet for losers in their life. The attract other losers both with the affair and the baggage that comes with it. It is not to far to say that they begin attracting more losers.

After surrounding themselves with the losers, they seek their counsel. Like the blind leading the blind, the losers, validate the cheater and encourage them to continue cheating for various reasons from “You deserve to be happy” or “Your just a man/woman”, to “the lover is better than your spouse”.

Whatever the content of the blah, blah, blah, it only validates what the cheater believes. They make the cheater feel that what they are doing is right, if only for them. When the losers are really twisted, they make it sound like God approves of their cheating as well, which makes the cheater feel less guilty.

The bottom line is that infidelity is for losers. It is a sure way to lose good people from out of your life along with their support and counsel.

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