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Slander is a hard issue to overcome, especially when the one slandering you is a family member. When the slander comes from a parent or your spouse, it is even more painful. When a family member slanders you, there is often the kind of pain associated with betrayal, which is described as a sharp, deep pain. Slander by family has a double whammy of them telling a lie combined with betrayal. Although you may want to categorize slander as ‘they are just mad.’ They may be mad, but when the resort to slander, they are not just letting off steam. When someone goes so far as to slander, it is a serious matter.

One of the things you want to determine is whether what they said about you was ‘malicious’. In other words, did they do it out of meanness, with the intent to ‘hurt’ you. You may be able to dismiss the mean things that come out of someone who is mentally ill, ignorant or has Alzheimer’s. In the even that the slanderer is not mentally ill, or has Alzheimer’s, or ignorant, you have a serious matter that needs your attention. In the event that they are mentally ill, you may have an even bigger problem. If they have poor impulse control, the verbal attacks may grow progressively worse, until there is a physical attack.

In the event that the slander was out of spite, meanness or payback, it was malicious. With malicious slander, the attacker meant to hurt you. They are trying to set you off or get under your skin. Although slander is something you want to stop, you also have to consider whether dealing with the slanderer is ‘worth it’. Some people are not worth dealing with.

I mention this in association with affairs, since there are numerous verbal attacks made during and after the affair. Some lovers are vindictive. You need to prepare yourself for that possibility. People who have trouble controlling their sexual passions often have trouble controlling their angry passions as well.

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Jeff Murrah

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