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Getting stuck is not a comfortable place to be.

Getting stuck is not a comfortable place to be.

You may call it ‘being stuck’. That state where you are unable to move forward. It soften in that state that you experience a sense of helplessness, like everything is out of your control, and you can’t change anything.

Being stuck also brings emotional pain. Since you can’t move forward, you are left in an immobile position and the pain catches up to you. There is no outrunning the pain and memories at this point.

Being stuck is not a comfortable place to be. There are pains in multiple dimensions.

So what are the benefits of ‘being stuck?’ The big benefit is that you are finally in a place where all your efforts have been frustrated. It is only when all of your efforts have been frustrated that you are open to making ‘real’ changes. It is only at this point that you get outside of yourself, you get your pride out of the way.

It is here that you finally start thinking differently. It’s when you’re stuck  that you finally let go of those things that are crippling you mentally and emotionally. It is when you’re stuck that you finally  open up the channels of your mind and heart to ‘change’.

Some of you are hard headed and have to visit being stuck several times. This usually happens when you choose the ‘drugs, sex and rock&roll’ type of solutions rather than making changes.

When you choose  escaping the pain rather than working through it, all you do is get another round trip ticket to being stuck again. The problem is that each time you use an escapist way of dealing with things, it takes you to deeper, darker places where you are stuck.

The next time you get stuck, call out to God, and be willing to put aside your pride and ego. This is no time for ego. Stroking your ego will only make the process take longer.

Bear in mind, that as humans we are creatures of habit. You will keep making the same mistakes over and over UNTIL you get stuck, UNTIL your plans are frustrated, UNTIL you stop and listen.

This is part of the healing process. You have to get here to let go of all those old bad habits that have kept you from moving forward.

It is at the point where you get stuck that you find out what you are truly made of and “Who” or “What your God is”. You will cry out to one, and you will find out how big or small that God is in terms of getting you through this.

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