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Are you prematurely pronouncing your marriage dead?

A couple of months ago, I came across an article on how some doctors are looking at ways of reactivating dead people. Immediately, visions of Frankenstein went through my mind. I also wondered if those scientists were taking science too far.  What they call the Lazarus project or 'ReAnima' are seeking the reactivation of those considered 'brain-dead'.

I initially found the whole project morbid and relegated it to some area of fringe science. Before I managed shelving the idea, it occurred to me that I deal with 'dead marriages' being brought back to life quite frequently.

Although you may have questions about when should a marriage be considered dead, I examine what brings life into a marriage and ways of re-animating relationships. All too frequently couples assume that when one of you has an affair, it's a sign that your marriage is dead.

Even in the case of exit affairs, the cheater is making a cry for help. When the cheater rubs the affair in your face, they are trying to tell you something. Such actions amount to waving flags and turning on flashing lights to get your attention.

When such extreme actions are taken the question arises as to whether you are paying attention to the warnings.

Assuming your marriage is 'dead' when an affair happens is pre-mature. Yes, it definitely means that some re-animation is needed, but it doesn't mean that it's dead. Throwing away a good marriage under the false assumption it's dead is tragic.

Withholding the needing life saving actions from your marriage is a sure way of 'killing it off' as well. Even though the cheater damaged your marriage, that damage doesn't need to be fatal. Your delays at getting help may be doing more damage to your than what the cheater did.

When both of you are trying to kill your marriage, there's not much hope. It often takes teamwork to kill a marriage, with one of you actively doing things while the other one takes passive actions that kill any love and affection that may have survived.

And you know what? The obstacles that are keeping your marriage in crisis can be removed. You marriage can survive and thrive in the moral climate of our times when done correctly. The Affair Recovery Workshop shows you how that can be done. You may even bring the marriage you thought was dead back to life in ways you never imagined.

Best Regards,