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Gold Nugget jewelry catches peoples attention

While growing up, one of the fashion trends was that of gold nugget jewelry. These were always fascinating pieces. The natural contours of gold nuggets made each one unique.

Besides being unique the nuggets had a way of shining and gleaming with a raw power that other rings and jewelry didn't have. Those wearing nugget jewelry proclaimed to the world their one of a kind uniqueness.

Those pieces announced that the person had power, style and wealth.

Even when the trend subsided, I recall hearing questions like "Whatever happened to dad's gold nugget  ring?" Even their family members took notice of the gold nuggets.

The other day, I came across a gold nugget observation from a John Gottman Seminar on adultery in Houston. At the seminar, Gottman shared some of the findings they uncovered about monogamous couples. What they found is that monogamous couples live longer, stay healthier, recover from illness quicker, and are generally wealthier.

Like raw gold, you may read the statement and not realize it's value. Since people don't know what to look for, they often miss the nuggets in the wild.

I call this insight 'a gold nugget of wisdom', since much like the jewelry, as you turn it another way, the light brings out new beauty or insights. In this case, the obverse is true as well.

Couples having affairs have shorter lives, are sicker, need more medical attention, take longer to recover from illnesses and experience more financial problems.  Wow! That insight is stronger than truck driver coffee!

Think through that nugget of truth for a moment. Consider what it means for your marriage. The affair will potentially take years off lives, bring poor health, longer recovery times from illnesses and greater financial burdens.

Let's look at the gold nugget from another angle.

That also means that recovery from an affair has benefit after benefit. It has benefits you never considered before. You'll restore years to your life potential, improve your health, gain financial security and improve your quality of life.

An affair brings HUGE consequences. The consequences include health, financial and length of lifetime. You can neutralize or totally cancel out those negative consequences in recovering from that affair. The Affair Recovery Workshop gives you the tools that will change your marriage and your life.

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