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You can learn some lessons from chickens.

One of the benefits of having chickens is that you gain first hand experience with chicken poop. From dealing with it on a daily basis, you see what the term is used in calling people out on their avoidance.

Chickens show no consideration as to when and where they do their thing. There is no consideration of consequences. In a similar manner, the falsehoods that are dumped with no regard to where, when  or the consequences are termed ‘chicken droppings’.

Cheaters throw out falsehoods when put on the spot, much like my chickens do. They are so used to doing it, no extra effort is taken or required. Lying just comes naturally to them. They do it without giving a second thought to their actions.

One of the problems with such lies is that they undermine trust. You never know when to believe them and when not to. In all likelihood, you’ve gotten so used to their lies, you accept them as ‘routine’.

You learn ways of telling truths from its counterpart. You also learn ways of confronting the droppings.

I realize that if I want fresh eggs, I’ve got to put up with the chicken poop. I also know that I’ve got boots and shoes for wading through it, along with plenty of plants in need of fertilizing.

In dealing with affairs, there’s plenty of excuses out there. From dealing with them over time, I’ve seen popular excuses come and go. They range from “I wasn’t born to be monogamous” to “Instersectionality” (The idea that you can’t know all the reasons why they cheat unless you’ve been there).

Each of them only come up with new ways of packaging chicken dropping excuses for avoiding the consequences of  their bad choices leading to the affair.

The good news is that you can wash droppings off pretty easily. You can also take steps to rebuild the damaged trust in your marriage. Although the lies get old, you can make changes. Although you can’t change a leopard’s spots, you can housebreak them. You can also train chickens to a large degree as well.

If you can train chickens, you and your spouse can learn new ways of being honest with each other and washing away the crap that has damaged the trust. My video, ‘How Can I Trust You Again?’ guides you in putting the key basic ingredients in place that starts rebuilding the trust in your marriage.

Keeping It Real,


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