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Loneliness is a central theme of the Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

June this year marks the 50th anniversary of the record “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. I recall being fascinated by the cover of the album and identifying the many figures on it.

Having the lyrics on the back was an added bonus. The album was one of those items that people talked about in terms of what it means, unlike the CD releases of today.

Although it’s release 1967 is often viewed as part of the ‘Summer of Love’, the theme of loneliness it conveys is rarely discussed. The very name of the album lets you know you’re dealing with a bunch of lonely people.

Being young when the album was released, I found myself fascinated with lonely hearts clubs and what they were about.

One of the struggles you go through with an affair is that of loneliness. Being lonely was a problem back in 1967, and now it’s even worse. Going through times of loneliness are painful. When you’re lonely any pain you experience is magnified since you are carrying it by yourself.

There are times you may want to be alone, but that’s very different from feeling lonely. Feeling lonely has a prison term quality to it. It’s like something you are sentenced to.

The loneliness prison is one where you are trapped inside of your own pain and fears. Your own imaginations are your personal torturing committee.

What strikes me odd is that some of you volunteer for loneliness. When given a options and choices, the decision you make is the one that brings loneliness with it. This choice is made when you decide to ‘blame’.

One of the consequences of blame is loneliness. Blame pushes people out of your life. Blame gives you someone to pin responsibility on, yet pinning blame on them and them accepting responsibility are two different things.

The catch is that after you pin all the hurt on them, you also push them away. So picture this, you pin the hurt on someone else, they refuse accepting it, so you are left holding the hurt ALL BY YOURSELF.

When you blame your spouse, you sentence yourself to loneliness. When your spouse is pushed away, you have no one to share your pain or your hopes with. You can’t stay in blame.

If you are wanting out of blame and the loneliness that goes with it, action is needed.

The action needed consists of starting  rebuilding trust. Trust opens up the possibility of connection, and release from the prison of loneliness, while blame locks the door behind you.

Inaction brings a longer sentence in loneliness. As strange as it sounds, your loneliness is a form of self-punishment. The good news is that you don’t have to stay there.

The video ‘How Can I Trust You Again?’ guides you in rebuilding trust, along with giving you a ticket out of loneliness. When you feel that you’ve spent enough time and you’re ready for release, the answers are here.

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