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There are lessons about trust in your marriage that you can learn from a multi-million dollar business

While watching a presentation from Annie Pratt where she shared ways of taking a business from nine to ten figures a year, I was struck by many items she mentioned. I was amazed that the smart businesses realize the importance of 'trust' in reaching their goals.

I was also excited hearing her as a business consultant sharing items of trust similar to what I've shared with people, yet on a different level.

At one point, I jumped from my seat, and rushed to the bedroom for my favorite moleskin. I hurriedly opened it and began jotting down her insights on trust while thinking "This is stuff that couples can use".

One of those insights was that "You need to repair trust ASAP". When you are dealing with large companies, delaying your response has devastating impact.

I thought to myself "This is pure gold!"

I know from when I was in the corporate world that some problems demand fast responses. Delays in dealing with them makes them worse. The other side of that was that you get into bigger trouble delaying your response that you would have dealing with it right away.

It struck me that since trust is an ASAP item for ten figure businesses, it should also be important in marriages as well. Even though repairing trust should be an ASAP item, couples often delay doing something about it.

Delay in dealing with trust is devastating for businesses and devastating for marriages as well. When it cripples multi-million dollar businesses, think what havoc it can bring to your marriage. For this reason, trust needs repairing as quickly as possible.

Dealing with damaged trust is not a "Let's wait and bring this up in the next stockholder's meeting" type of item. It's one of those things that you do something about it now. There are reasons for this. Damaged trust breaks down teams whether of large companies or of your marriage.

When people don't trust each other, they start fighting. Good feelings are replaced by grumbling. You lose your motivation to improve things, take risks or put up with people. Damaged trust destroys enthusiasm and communication.

People who don't trust each other, don't talk to each other.

Perhaps your marriage can learn from what multi-million dollar business leaders know about the importance of repairing trust.

You can start repairing the broken trust in your marriage within minutes with the video "How Can I Trust You Again?" There is no need of waiting until the next therapy session or the next fight or the next blow up. You can instead take action ASAP.

When the two of you trust each other, you'll start talking and taking risks. Rather than avoiding each other, you can start enjoying each other.

Keeping It Real,