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The quality of your connections is important.

Growing up, one of the fascinating stores worth visiting was Radio Shack. In those days, there were numerous kits for building your own radio and other electronic gadgets.

With those kits, you made your own electronic gadgets along with getting an education in elementary electronics.

One of the lessons I learned from those kits is that you need good connections. The reception for my home made radio was only as good as the connections I created. In my search for connections, I gained appreciation for soldering irons, which used molten material forming better connections.

You learn quickly that the quality of material and wires make all the difference in the quality of connections you create.

The power of the circuit was limited to the quality of my connection. A bad connection meant my circuit wouldn't function like it should.

Those early lessons taught me the basics about electronics and about relationships.

In relationships, the quality of your connection makes a difference as well. A poor relationship connection means that your relationship can't handle much stress. It also means that it can't handle much of the communication load either.

You may have thought that the key to communication with your spouse is a better vocabulary. A better or more precise vocabulary is not the key to getting your point across. The key is 'making good connection' with your spouse.

The good news is that the building blocks of connection are the same  ones presented in the trust formula. When you have each of those ingredients, you have what you need for making good connection with your spouse.

I can tell you now that vocabulary is NOT one of those building blocks. Some of the other things that are NOT building blocks of connection include threats, lies, manipulation and gifts. I mention these, since they are often used as cheap substitutes for connection.

I can tell you now, they don't work very well even though some of you use them every day in your efforts at keeping peace in your marriage. Rather than settling for cheap substitutes, you can instead make real connection with your spouse.

The video, "How Can I Trust You Again?" guides you in making real connection. You can know the building blocks of trust, and how to use them in making connection with your spouse.

Best Regards,