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Dinner conversations with leading thinkers often triggers fascinating conversations.

You’ve likely come across those ice breaker questions about what ten people from history you would want to host at a dinner party. I find such questions thought provoking.

It stretches my mind thinking about who would be there along with what kind of conversations would happen. Given that I’ve attended ‘boardroom dinners’ where specialists from various fields are brought together, I’ve had a glimpse of what may happen.

In real life, I’ve been blessed having met with many of the leading thinkers and counselors. I made it a point to either meet or hear them through the years. I suppose I could’ve literally had a dinner conversation with the top 10 figures from counseling and psychology.

One of the leading counselors I met was Terence Gorski, who’s THE leading figure in relapse prevention. Since I make it a point of collecting nuggets of knowledge and wisdom wherever I can, I was eager to hear what Terence had to say.

The nugget I found most intriguing from what he said was that “Relapse works from the inside out“.

Think about that for a moment.

The expert in relapse prevention just pointed out where the relapse begins.  It starts on the inside. This is where the trigger that sets off relapse is located. This is where you want to intervene.

The relapse doesn’t start from someone making a pass at them, or some neon sign luring them in. It starts with the person making choices inside.

Relapses, including affair relapses start with choices the cheater makes inside of themselves. If their heart and head aren’t in the right place, relapse is only a matter of time.

They make decisions and then look for opportunities.

They make decisions and then look for excuses.

Relapse begins on the inside before it happens on the outside.

When you realize where relapse begins, it makes it clearer where you need to focus your efforts at recovery from an affair. Knowing where the problems are goes a long way in dealing with them.

In the video “Overcoming Affair Relapse” I guide you in understanding and dealing with affair relapse. Knowing what to do in preventing it from happening gives your recovery from the affair a greater likelihood of success.

Rather than wonder what you can do, click the link, fill out the form and start taking action today.

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Nothing in this Work is intended to replace common sense, legal, medical or other professional advice. If your situation warrants it, please seek competent professional counsel.