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The golden age of board gaming was different world for games than today.

Although the present generation uses the term ‘gamers’, they also existed during the decades I grew up. During that time, gaming was not dominated by electronics.

Instead, it was dominated by large board games with hundreds of pieces. That time of the 70-80’s became known as the golden age of board gaming.

Our games were like Risk on steroids. Not only were there more pieces, they went on for hours and challenged our thinking in new ways.

When I gamed, the boards were laid out on dining room tables and the game pieces painstakingly laid out with historic accuracy from all ages of history. My friends and I spent hours replaying historic battles.

Through trial and error we learned strategy and tactics. We learned what worked and what didn’t.  Surprisingly one of the people I played with went on to West Point and ended up beating the upper classmen when they trained their skills with board games. He later went on to become a colonel.

With all that game playing, we learned the importance of following the rules as we replayed historic military threats. The rules helped us make sense of the maps and pieces spread out before us and for us to have a good time.

Games, be they board games or relationship games become frustrating and stressful when the rules aren’t being followed. When one person cheats , it changes everything.

When you are going through the affair, you learn quickly how to recognize and deal with the many threats in front of you. Like board gaming, you learn strategies for dealing with the threats you face.  Some work and some don’t.

When you are limited by reality and the cheater’s mind manufactures unlimited fantasies, it’s not a fair fight. You have to play by the rules of reality and the cheaters mind doesn’t. It’s like each of you has a different set of rules they are playing by.

The cheater’s mind has an unfair advantage. It’s with the cheater 24/7. You can’t always see what it’s up to and by its very nature…it cheats. The cheater’s mind doesn’t play by the rules.

Although the cheater’s mind doesn’t play by the same rules, it does follow patterns. When you know the patterns involved in affair recovery, you can take steps reducing the risk of Affair Relapse. The cheater’s mind is working against you and against them.

You can identify it’s twisted patterns and stop it before Affair Relapse happens. You can remove the threat before it bites you.

The video “Overcoming Affair Relapse” guides you in identifying the patterns and twisted rules of the cheater’s brain. It helps you map out a strategy to handle the threat of relapse.

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Nothing in this Work is intended to replace common sense, legal, medical or other professional advice. If your situation warrants it, please seek competent professional counsel.