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Are you looking for trust and can't see it?

Recent events in my life have reminded me about the importance of trust. Trust is so foundational to relationships, it's often taken for granted. Like the old 'you can't see the forest for the trees' saying, there are times you can't see the trust when it's right in front of you.

Relationships rely on trust, especially marriage. Even though trust is relied upon for a marriage to work, trust is rarely addressed until it's severely damaged or gone.

The foundations for your relationships may have some serious trust flaws that you've never realized. You've grown so accustomed to them, you didn't realize it.

You could have a marriage with huge trust flaws and not realize it. Your vulnerabilities are showing and you are oblivious.

The recent events made me consider how you show your spouse you trust them. Since actions speak louder than words, our actions regarding trust reveal how much we really trust each other.

It's one thing trusting your spouse with daily routine activities. It's quite another trusting them with money and things of value. Since they may not value it as highly as you do, you experience some hesitancy regarding trust.

Two of the areas where I see trust related conflicts are bank accounts and cell phones. If you can't trust your spouse with your phone and bank account, you have some serious trust issues that need attention.

There's something about money and privacy that trigger trust issues. Trust issues are always worth the time and effort required in repairing them.

I cringe hearing couples having separate bank accounts. With that one action, I know that there are trust issues within their marriage.

Trust is one of the first qualities damaged prior to an affair happening and one of the last areas fully restored. Even after the affair, there are lingering areas of distrust. Things like out of town trips and having access to the ATM card remain sensitive areas.

If the trust in your marriage has been damaged, you'll want the video "How can I trust you again?" The video guides you through what trust is so that you'll know the specific concrete areas needing attention.

Rebuilding trust doesn't have to be a mystery. You can know what to do along with pinpointing the areas needing further help.

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