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How will you handle the affair wake-up call?

Have you ever noticed that how you answer the phone determines how the conversation goes? Answering it gruffly sets the tone for an unpleasant time.  Harsh answers creates a hostile interaction.

Perhaps harsh answers have their place with telephone solicitors. I have my doubts given that in high school I worked as one for a while and hostile phone answers only spread negativity.

Cold calling with telephone solicitation was quite a learning experience. One lesson I learned was dealing with rejection gracefully.

Pleasant answers to phone calls create a more peaceful atmosphere. I could handle pleasant rejection far better than hostile ones. The pleasant reactions also made me realize I was dealing with people rather than the next phone number on the list.

An affair is even more unwelcome than a telephone solicitor. When you receive the affair wake up call, how are you going to respond?

That wake-up call may be coming from God, a close friend or even an anonymous source. When the call comes, how you answer it shapes the direction of things.

The wake-up call is never scheduled. It always catches you by surprise.

The lessons from telephone solicitation still apply to when you receive your wake-up call. Harsh reactions create hostility. Pleasant responses create more workable relations.

In this case, harsh reactions may give you temporary relief, but end up making enemies. This is not a time for creating enemies with whoever gave you the wake-up call.

Eventually you’re going to have to deal with the call, whether you like it or not. Ignoring the wake-up call won’t make it go away. You also can’t silence it or put it on vibrate.

The best option is taking the call, expressing thanks for finally knowing and then getting to work on what it is you need to do. That option is easier said than done. There’s something inside that wants to fight, put off, deny and delay.

Those other options only prolong the duration of pain if not exacerbating the intensity of it as well. In plain English, it increases the torture. Delaying it only puts off the inevitable.

When the wake-up call comes, along with a call to action, the downloadable “Affair Recovery Workshop” guides you in knowing what to do along with when to do it. The unique sequence guides you in turning your marriage around with the right steps in the right order.

When it’s time for you to get down to work on your marriage, you can know what to do rather than wandering around lost and looking for answers.

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Nothing in this Work is intended to replace common sense, legal, medical or other professional advice. If your situation warrants it, please seek competent professional counsel.