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Your relationship with your phone can threaten your marriage

The other day I found myself having to bite my tongue. A man who often proclaimed how he hated being told what to do made it a point of answering all the calls he received on his blue tooth wireless device. He didn't see the irony of the whole situation.

He didn't realize he's now a slave to his phone. Anytime someone calls he's compelled in answering it. It doesn't matter what he was doing, the call comes in, and he must answer it.

Not only is he a slave to it, with the blue tooth device in his ear, it's invasive. There is no choice, the caller is already in his personal space.

Imagine if someone came up and spoke into your ear whether you wanted them to or not.

Talk about being told what to do! A drill sergeant couldn't be more demanding than that phone of his.

When a ringing cell phone demands you answer it, you don't have control of your life. Whoever is calling automatically takes precedence over what you were doing.

The sad thing is that he's not alone. There are many of you out there who make answering your phone a priority, even over your spouse.

Perhaps it's a way of feeling important or wanted. When people are wanting to talk to you, it has a way of feeding your ego about your importance.

Although he prided himself on 'not ever having an affair', his wife was always waiting for his attention. She plays second fiddle to whoever calls. In my mind, I wonder if he was having an affair with his phone.

Anytime it wants attention, he delivers. When it calls, he answers.

Although phones are helpful, in this case, they are a stumbling block in his marriage. Her needs were always secondary to his damn phone.

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