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Your spouse’s underwear is your last line of defense in the struggle against affairs.

Have you ever realized that underwear is your last line of defense against affairs? Once the cheater removes their underwear, there are no physical barriers keeping them from consummating their relations.

As an amateur historian, I have studied those last lines of defense. Once they go, the battle is over. That’s one of the reasons having a good last line of defense is important in protecting a position.

There have even been some battles where a stubborn line of defense won the day. At the Battle of Waterloo, the British troops stubbornly defending the farm at Hougoumont turned the battle around.

Wave after wave of attacks came against them and they held.

When your spouse is down to their last line of defense, will they hold? Will they resist temptations and attacks? Will they be able to fight back even during moments of weakness?

When you see your spouse’s underwear as the last line of defense, you look at it differently. It may be well worth it for them to have non-sexy underwear for out of town trips. For that matter, wearing non-sexy underwear is good for everyday risks as well.

Wearing non-sexy underwear won’t keep away temptation, but it sure does make it less tempting. The plain looking underwear takes excitement down a notch or two. It could be all that’s needed if for the cheater to have a little more time to change their mind.

There’s a reason hookers wear sexy underwear. They know that the frame changes the way the picture looks. Hookers and strippers rely on sexy underwear. They know that the visual stimulation is a big part of the seduction.

Think about what an affair would be like if you take away a big part of the fun. When you reduce the excitement, it gives a chance for the conscience to do its job. That underwear is your last line of affair defense.

Changing underwear doesn’t remove all the risks, but it does reduce them. Reducing the risk of an affair or of an affair happening again is a big part of recovery. The video “Preventing Affair Relapse” guides you in looking at other areas needing change.

Rather than being ignorant of the affair risks surrounding your spouse, you can instead know specific areas where risks can be reduced.Knowing where your defensive lines are and ways of keeping your spouse safe from affairs goes a long way in reducing the risk.

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