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Training for sports forced me to face and overcome discouragement.

One hurdle you'll face during recovery is that of 'discouragement'. Any setback or slowdown can easily turn into a discouragement. Even signs of progress can turn into a source of discouragement.

Discouragement quickly erases your motivation and determination. When discouragement circles around you, you start wondering "Is it worth it?"

Discouragement has ways of creeping into your brain and steal your enthusiasm. It may have taken weeks for you to feel hopeful, yet in a few seconds it disappears.

Discouragement also brings its negative friends with it. Emotional states like fear, hopelessness and depressed moods come together like pack animals.

During times when I face this hurdle, I recall my experiences running 'the big loop'. The loop was a large course that as a teen athlete I was required to run.

At times, I was required to run it repeatedly. Since I wasn't the fastest athlete, I was told to "take another lap" for not completing it as fast as my peers. This mean that I faced the discouragement of doing it again, no matter how tired I was or how much I was hurting.

While running the course, I wanted to give up and quit. Each step brought negative messages about the challenge ahead of me.

It seemed like the end was always way beyond what I could run. It was as if it kept moving further away each time.

During those times, I just kept running. I mentally turned off the negative messages and pushed on. I made the choice of ignoring the negative messages.

You may face similar challenges. During those times, you may also have to ignore the negative messages  keeping you from your goal.

While going through affair recovery, you'll want to give up. You grow tired and weary.

One of the super powers of discouragement is how it paralyzes you. It grabs you and keeps you in its clutches. While holding on, it takes away your energy and leaves you sucked dry.

If you are facing that kind of overwhelming discouragement, it may be a form of Affair Trauma. You face the choice of giving in or pushing past it.

In the video "Overcoming Affair Trauma", you'll gain some helps for pushing past the effects of the trauma that are keeping you from recovery.

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