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‘Un corruptor moral’ are busy weakening your marriage and you’ve never heard of them.

There are times when keeping my finger on the pulse of social trends gets my blood boiling. One trend I’ve seen lately are articles promoting infidelity by denigrating monogamy.

In previous generations, writers and articles like those would be considered “un corruptor moral“. The translation of this Spanish phrase could be rendered as ‘a corruptor of morals’ , morally bankrupt or ‘an evil person’.

Previous generations called out such articles and their authors as they saw them. In today’s culture, there is hesitancy for calling out such actions.

Marriages don’t fall apart all at once. Instead, they are weakened a little at a time. The bonds of your marriage are being attacked article by article that demeans your relationship.

One of the items that surprises me is how the old ‘playboy’ mindset of thinking that marriage gets boring when you spend your life with one person. That old mindset wanted quantity of relationships over quality.

Rather than develop depth in your marriage, they focus on ‘quantity of experiences’.  They think in terms of ‘more is better’.

They forget that having more relationships gives you more headaches.

Another sad reality is that many of those seeking those multitudes of relationships are in actuality making the same mistakes with the wrong kind of people over and over. As crazy as it sounds, they continue seeking out the same kind of people for relationships, even though they complained about being bored with the same person over and over for the rest of their lives.

Rather than falling for the lies of the “un corruptor moral” articles in the mainstream media, you can instead strengthen your marriage and develop levels of intimacy in your marriage waiting to be discovered.

In the “30 Days to a Better Marriage” program, you can start making the changes you want in your marriage.  Your marriage is worth making improvements to.

Wouldn’t it be better to strengthen and reinforce morals than weaken them?

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