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What can learning to ride a bicycle teach you about affair recovery?

Do you know how to ride a bicycle? There's an old saying that once you learn, you never forget. I can't attest to whether or not that saying is true, yet I still remember learning to ride without training wheels  on the sidewalks of Sulphur Street with Kevin Rath.

In the days when I learned, training wheels were still popular. I felt like I could ride anywhere as long as I had the security of the training wheels.

They provided the added stability I needed as I learned about balance, the laws of science and how to fall off of a bike.

After a few tries without my trust training wheels, my steering was wobbly, but day after day it improved until I mastered the skill. On mastering the skill, I felt like it was a big accomplishment.

Learning to ride without training wheels involves a series of balancing gestures and shifting weight. Now those gestures happen unconsciously.

In recovering from the affair, you'll face times when you are wobbly and in need of support. During those times you need additional support.

It would be nice if there were training wheels for affair recovery. The closest thing to training wheels is a good support network.

Having a support network helps you through those times. It may consist of friends, support groups, pastor, family members or an understanding counselor.

Having such a support group is essential in dealing with the affair and more so, if there is the added dimension of sexual addiction.

Making it through affair recovery likely requires both of you to have support networks. The quality of your support network makes a big impact on whether or not you bounce back or fall apart after upsets.

You may also benefit from videos like "Overcoming Affair Trauma". During recovery you need many types of support and encouragement. When you are open to receiving it, it'll surprise you where help comes from.

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