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How Can I Trust You Again

How Can I Trust You Again?

An affair does not have to mean the end of your marriage. You can once again have trust in your marriage. Although the old foundations of trust were damaged, a new foundation of trust for your marriage can be built.

A few years ago, I conducted a survey of what the number #1 issue that couples are concerned with when an affair happens. That # issue was “Trust” by a HUGE majority. Finding ways to rebuild and restore trust is a major concern.

You would think that with “trust” being such a major issue, that people would know more about what trust is and how to build it. When people know more about having sex than rebuilding trust it is only a matter of time before problems show up.

You  can once again have confidence in your spouse and what they say. The obstacle of distrust can be removed. Think about what it will be like when you no longer have to second guess or question things in the back of your mind. Imagine a marriage where you are no longer questioning everything your spouse tells you.

Although my “trust formula” for rebuilding the foundation of your relationship is easy, many people try taking short-cuts and not excelling on building the foundation for trust. When key ingredients are missing, or not used the right way, the foundation of your marriage is weak and shaky.

Instead of running around avoiding sensitive topics, playing communication games and dancing around things that are hurting you, you can instead have a solid marriage relationship where honest and open communication can occur.

Think about what it will be like to discuss the elephant in the room, rather than dance around it. Imagine how refreshing it will be when you can ‘be yourself’ with your spouse.

When your marriage has a solid trust foundation, it can handle the stress of everyday life and major crises.  Think about how you will feel when the trust in your marriage rests on a solid foundation instead of a shaky one. When the trust foundation is secure, you do not have to worry if your marriage will fall apart with each disagreement.

When a marriage has a solid foundation, both of you can feel more confident, and more secure. You no longer have to dread the times when your spouse goes out of town, or worry about who is calling them at 12:15 am.

The number one issue that couples deal with after the affair is ‘trust’. Although you want trust in your marriage, after either an emotional affair or physical tryst, you may not know how to regain trust. Trust may not be what you think it is. You may be confusing a state of ’emotional’ security with trust.

  • Although you want trust in your marriage, do you know what trust is?
  • Which comes first, trust or forgiveness?
  • What makes rebuilding trust so hard?
  • Do you want to know how to rebuild trust in your spouse?

The answer to these and other questions about the #1 problem with affairs and infidelity are addressed in this guide to rebuilding trust in your marriage.

Even though you want to trust your partner again, you’ve lost all confidence in yourself and them. You want to know how to forgive the cheating and how to trust your spouse, yet are not sure which comes first. Getting trust and forgiveness in the wrong order often brings more heartache. The affair changes the trust you have in your spouse, and changes your ability to trust yourself. The affair is a wake-up call that your marriage needs help.

“How Can I Trust You Again?” will:

-Increase your own self-confidence by trusting your own decision making and thinking again.

-Reduce your mental confusion and second guessing that often happens with trust issues.

-Give you the stability of a solid new foundation for your marriage relationship with a proven trust formula of concrete steps instead of touchy-feely experiences.

-Increase the security you have in your marriage relationship, with solid improvements to your marriage and removal of debris from past hurts.

-Reveals how powerful secret influences have been bending the trust in your marriage out of shape along with how to limit the power they have over your marriage.

Instead of second guessing yourself about trust in your marriage, you can know what to do and where to begin. You will learn that there is much more to trust than just feeling secure. There are ways of knowing whether the trust in your marriage has a solid foundation or if it is based on emotional hype. You can know what specific steps to take in rebuilding trust in your marriage. Although you do not always see foundation, you know whether or not the foundation is solid.

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