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The influence of friends is a powerful force.

The influence of friends in your life is immense. They can inspire you to become your best or talk you into doing things that take you down a dark path. They have a way of talking you into things that you wouldn’t have otherwise done.

I know in my life, the Marty’s and Danny’s had ways of talking me into things that I didn’t think I was capable of.

When you’re young, you do things because your friends did it. I know I did. They were my friends, they were cool, and that was the final word in my mind.

Whether you attribute this powerful influence to role modeling, wanting to fit in or just to be considered cool, the bottom line is that you followed your friends. If they did good things, they were a positive influence. If, on the other hand, they engaged in criminal behavior or hooliganism, they were considered bad friends.

You looked at your friends based on their loyalty, acceptance and fun times. In your mind, this is what was important.

Now that your older, friends continue being an influence on you and the cheater. They continue talking you and your spouse into doing things whether or not those things are in your best interest.

During recovery, it’s important that you and your spouse hang around those who are supportive of your marriage. When you avoid those friends and instead associate with those who are crazy, impulsive, drug using or sleeping around it has consequences.

Those bad influences extinguish good intentions when it comes to recovery. They can talk you and your spouse into things that end up hurting your marriage.

Who you and your spouse associate makes a difference in recovery. You may think that your super power is more powerful than their influence. Making that assumption is a risk.

At this point in your recovery, you don’t need more risk, you need ways of maximizing recovery from the affair. You want every chance of success to be in your favor.

Those ‘friends’ often end up triggering Affair Relapse. That relapse can have the two of you having to repeat some unpleasant parts of your lives again. The video “Overcoming Affair Relapse” guides the two of you through this part of recovery, including ways of dealing with triggers and urges.

Just click the link, fill out the form and start maximizing the success of your recovery now.

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