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Getting your spouse to trust you again after cheating is a daunting task. They have good reasons for not trusting you. In the past you could realistically expect them to believe you just because you said something. Once the the relationship has been shaken to its foundation by your cheating, they will not be so willing to trust you again. They may forgive you, but that does not mean they trust you. If you are expecting them to trust you simply because you admitted it, apologized and said you are sorry about what happened, you are living in a fantasy world.

You showed them that you are not trustworthy. You took their trust and damaged it. You are foolish for expecting things to go back to the way they were. They will not go back until you SHOW them that you are worthy of their trust. One or two shows of trustworthiness is not going to be enough. They will test you, test you, test you and test you again. How you handle their tests in terms of attitude is the biggest factor in rebuilding the trust. There are other factors as well. I address the others in my e-book.

If you are looking for other aspects of rebuilding trust, I will be doing a webinar on the topic later today at AffairRecoveryGroup.

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Jeffrey Murrah

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