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How you answer "What do you want?" sets the direction for your marriage relationship.

When you hear the news of the affair, there are many questions that you have to consider. One of them is "Do you know what you want?"

Although it sounds like a simple question to ignore, it has some major ramifications. Think through what you really want.

Your answer sets the direction for you over the next weeks, months and possibly years.

Do you want the cheater back?

DO you want them back at all costs?

Do you want to know EVERYTHING about the affair?

Do you want to have payback?

Do you just want the hurt to stop hurting?

Do you want things the way they were before?

Do you want to be close to your spouse?

What you want dictates your priorities.

How you answer this question programs your mind and heart. It sets the frame around what you'll notice. It shapes your perception.

What you want determines what you do first along with what you notice. What you want gives marching orders to your brain and emotions.

You'll discover that each action has a price tag. Your choices will cost you. What are you REALLY willing to do to survive your partners affair?

Are they really as important to you as you claim? Will you spend more on tennis lessons, clothing and shoes than on improving your marriage?

You'll find out what your REAL priorities are. You'll spend time and money on what's important to you.You head in the direction of your answers.

This is where you find out how much your marriage really means to you.

In considering what it costs to get the help you need, consider what you will gain. If all you do is look at your pocket book instead of what kind of marriage you want, you will find yourself making money the priority ahead of your marriage.

What is your marriage worth?

If you continue struggling with questions like these, the ebook "Why wasn't I enough?" In it you'll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about affairs.

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