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Making the wrong connection can bring trouble into your life

Do you have one of those cars with the irritating buzzer sound? Although they are intended as a reminder for when you leave your lights on or the door is opened, over time, they often malfunction.

When the buzzer on our car began malfunctioning, I thought it would be a good idea to fix it. The buzzer began going off and not shutting off, until the car was off. I began a diligent search for the source of the bad connection that kept the buzzer going.

No matter how many times I attempted resetting the car and locating the source of the problem, the buzzer continued going off. Anytime I plugged it in, it began its irritating chorus. At that point, I concluded that the buzzer itself is the problem. It was promptly removed and things have been peaceful ever since.

That episode reminds me how cheaters often reconnect with the lover and it triggers the whole affair all over again. The emotions, the drama, the tension all come back. Often all it takes is just making contact with the lover.

In some cases, that contact happens on social media, or a phone call or even a face-to-face. All it takes is a simple reconnect and the affair starts up right where it left off. Like wires that reactivate a circuit, the reconnect reactivates the affair circuit.

The reconnect that’s hardest to locate is when the cheater reconnects with the fantasy of the lover in their mind. Yes, even a reconnect with that version of the lover triggers strong reactions.

The danger of a reconnection is that once it happens, like me plugging in the buzzer, the irritations begin going again. You may be tempted giving up on your spouse, but that would be throwing away your marriage over something that can be fixed.

Instead, what you need is a good, solid, relapse prevention plan. You and your spouse need a solid plan for handling the temptation of reconnecting. They can’t handle it and you don’t want it. It’s in both of your best interests to prevent reconnection.

The video, ‘Overcoming Affair Relapse” guides you in handling high risk situations along with triggers and other dangers, like reconnection. It also helps you put together a Relapse Prevention Plan that keeps the dangers in check.

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