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There are many hard truths you face when dealing with affairs.

In the past few months I found myself learning lessons about ‘hard truths’. Hard truths are those items that are true, yet for some reason you don’t want to accept them.

Refusing accepting hard truths don’t make them go away. In my case, the hard truths took me out of my comfort zone. They reminded me of my vulnerabilities and limitations.

No matter how much I viewed myself as a superhero who can handle whatever comes my way, I learned that I was fooling myself. I was neither all powerful nor all powerless.

I encountered hard truths in dealing with parental illnesses and death. Although each had some unique twists the experiences had much in common. I had to face cold, hard truths that I didn’t want to face.

Like an uncomfortable look in the mirror, I found myself looking face to face with uncomfortable issues that were not on my terms.

Affairs bring ‘hard truths’ into your life as well. Whether it is people, actions, things or outcomes, you have to face them. There are times when the events are not on your terms.

One way of dealing with those hard truths you don’t want to accept is simply lying about it. Lying is one of the common ways of dealing with unacceptable truths.

It could be that you and your spouse are both lying as ways of dealing with the hard truth about your marriage. When you consider the inability to deal with hard truths as a driver behind lying, you see things differently.

One of the hard truths is that you need help. Try saying it out loud “I need help!” Now say it again and repeat five times.

If you resisted saying it, you are struggling with hard truth about help.

In the download, “Affair Recovery Workshop“, I’ll guide you through the challenges of ‘telling yourself the truth’. The affair took you out of your comfort zone. There are things you need to learnĀ  in order to turn your marriage around.

A good follow up after saying “I need help!”, is asking for it and following it.

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Nothing in this Work is intended to replace common sense, legal, medical or other professional advice. If your situation warrants it, please seek competent professional counsel.