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When playing football in my younger years, falling was no big deal.

That sensation of slipping on a slick surface and falling down is unsettling. When I was younger, falling was no big deal.

If I fell, I just dusted off the dirt, got up and went about what I was doing. Even when I was in football, the coaches had us perform drills where we fell and got up. We even had to throw ourselves down and then get up. Back then, a fall was something you got up from.

With all the drills of hitting the ground, I grew accustomed to it. I also knew how to quickly recover from those falls.

Now that I'm no longer a teenager, falls bother me. All it takes is a slick surface or misplaced step and I find myself on the ground. Although the slip happens quickly, the experience of falling feels like the world suddenly goes into slow motion.

In that moment, I am out of control. I know that I'm going to hit the ground and there's little I can to stop it. All I can do is brace myself for coming impact.

Even watching movies, I find myself wincing whenever someone falls hard and exclaim "That's gotta hurt!" or some other remark. Before,  the falls never bothered me or triggered reactions.

Having experienced several falls, I now take extra precautions on when surfaces are slick or icy.

Those falls give me added appreciation for when cheaters slip and stumble regarding relapses.

Situations and people that weren't considered 'high risk' before are now dangerous for the cheater to be around. There's a heightened awareness of potential dangers that in years past were ignored.

In the past, those dangers cold be overlooked or dismissed. Now that they and you are recovering from the affair, those threats can't be ignored.

If you're not aware of the potential dangers, then you're at risk of being blind-sided by a slippery situation that catch you and them unprepared. All it takes is a slippery situation or poor choice and the cheater loses control followed by their downward fall.

A good relapse prevention plan could've reduced those dangers. It could have given you and the cheater advance warning about slippery situations.

The video, "Overcoming Affair Relapse" deals with the slippery 'high risk' situations and identifying them along with help you create a relapse prevention plan that works for your situation.

All you need to do is click the link, fill out the form and get started reducing the risk of affair relapse.

The dangers of slips and falls are real both in terms of day to day living and recovery from an affair.

Best Regards,