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Me masquerading as a Jethro Tull groupie with my living in the past shirt on.

Although I don’t talk about music much, I admit that I’m a Jethro Tull groupie. As a teenager, I was one of those few people who really enjoyed his songs along with seeing several of his concerts at a time when others were going nuts over Aerosmith and Van Halen.

One of the songs I’ve enjoyed over the years is “Living In The Past”. There’s something catchy about the tune that just grabs me. Even though I like the song, I’ve learned that the message doesn’t make for healthy living.

Living in the past is more than being nostalgic. It also means the inability of moving on. You can’t live in the present moment and the past at the same time.

As an amateur historian, I enjoy learning about the past, but it’s not where life happens. I enjoy visiting the past, not living in it.

In dealing with an affair, there are times you find yourself living in the past. You live as if the affair is happening now rather than something that already occurred.

It’s understandable in the early phase of trauma. You are so stunned by what happened at that point, it’s hard moving on.

The problems come when you continue living in the past months after the affair. At that point, it starts turning into a way of life. You are literally “Living In The Past” at that point.

When you live life that way, you’re unable to live in the present moment. You’re unable to find joy in living for today. ┬áThe past can turn into a prison that traps you in a world that no longer exists.

The good news is that you can move from the past to the present. You don’t have to stay bogged down in days gone by. What moves you from the past to the present is ‘forgiveness’.

With forgiveness you can leave the past behind and move ahead. The problem with forgiveness is that few people know to do it. That’s where the video ‘Forgiveness: Stop the Pain, Tear down the Walls and Remove the Roadblocks” comes in.

The video guides you through the “how to” of forgiveness. Since minds tend to drift back into the past, you’ll find yourself using it again and again in forgiving more of the hurts and pains.

You may be comfortable living in the past, but life there gets stale in a hurry. I much prefer just listening to the song rather than living it out.

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