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When I read that the family of a Georgia man was awarded 3 Million dollars in a court settlement after he engaged in a threesome, I was stunned and had several questions. Apparently no one told the victim that researchers at the University of Florence discovered that adultery increases your risk of heart attack. (Here is a link to the abstract of the research.) Logic dictates that if an affair is high risk for heart attacks, a three-some is extremely high risk.

I often tell clients that affairs are a matter of life and death. With affairs, you are increasing the risk of heart attack 2.7 times higher. If not from heart attacks, the passions aroused put you at high risk to threats from the people impacted by the affair. If that is not enough high risk, consider the risk of various diseases you expose yourself to in an affair.

I wonder if the cheater in this case told his physician, “Hey Doc, I plan on engaging in high risk activity that will increase my risk of heart attack 2.7 times.”

Perhaps the doctor needed to step on his toes and tell him that studies in Germany found that most men who died during sex were having an affair and meeting away from the family home. Even the CDC found with heart fatal heart attacks during sex, 75% of the time is is during affairs. Knowing cheaters, some might try to have their fling in their home in order to reduce this risk. The greater majority would continue their self-endagering plans with a “Damn the torpedoes…full speed ahead” attitude.

The jury in this case, said he was only 40% liable for his own death. In my mind cheaters are putting themselves 100% at risk in more ways than one. I suspect that the cheater did not tell his physician or even his wife about his upcoming threesome. Holding the Cardiologist 60% responsible for the death is akin to blaming mens magazines for infidelity. That kind of blaming keeps the problem going. The cheater is being let off the hook rather than being held accountable for their actions.

This episode makes it clear that when you cheat, you are taking your life in your own hands.

Best Regards,

Jeffrey Murrah

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