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There are lessons to be learned about affairs from LBJ

When I drive into Blanco County, I am greeted by an old weather worn sign proudly announcing that it is the home of President LBJ (Lyndon Baines Johnson). I’m amazed that it’s still legible after all these years.

One of the LBJ stories that shows his insight concerns when he was about to reward one of the people close to him. He called the person into his office and gave him a severe tongue lashing. Soon after leaving the President’s office, LBJ rewarded the person with the expensive gift and praise.

An aide puzzled by what he just witnessed asked him about what just happened. LBJ looked at him and explained “You never give a gift to a man when he’s feeling good. You want to do it when he’s down!

As an amateur historian, I am fascinated by LBJ stories. This one reveals his keen insight regarding human nature. LBJ knew the dangers when a man is feeling good.

He knew that when a man is up, his gratitude and appreciation are limited. LBJ knew at which times someone was most vulnerable.

Those days when he’s feeling up is when he’s most vulnerable.

He intentionally kept the people around him ‘off guard’ with his actions. He did it so they wouldn’t slack in their efforts or grow complacent. He knew that it’s when people start feeling good, they grow complacent.

Did you know that being up or reaching positive achievements can be dangerous for the cheater after an affair? When the cheater is up, those elevated positive emotions make them vulnerable.

Like LBJ’s staff, at those times, their ego is inflated and they stark slacking in their efforts. In the case of the cheater, slacking is dangerous.

Surprisingly, the days when the cheater is most positive is often when there’s great dangers. This is one of the reasons why you feel anxious when things are going too well.

There are reasons for your anxiety to be there. At some level, you recognize a dangerous pattern, even if you can’t put it into words.

This is a reason why when a cheater is ‘up’, it’s a “High Risk Situation”. When such a High Risk Situation comes along, will you see the danger? Do you even know what to look for?

Even though it counter-intuitive,  a good day is more dangerous than a bad day. It’s one of those weird things you’ll learn about in the video “Overcoming Affair Relapse“. When the cheater is up, the danger is high. Although you want those up days, they have hidden dangers.

The good news is that you don’t have to be surprised by those hidden dangers. You can remove the hidden dangers so that you can once again enjoy the up days without worrying what may happen next.

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